Native American Artisans
The Valley is home to many talented, Native American Artisans. These are a few!!

Navajo Sand Painter The Wild, Wild Southwest
Sandpainting is an ancient Navajo healing art. Our authentic Sandpainter displays amazing artistry and dexterity while creating “paintings” that portray deities and symbols that are sacred to the Navajo people.
In many instances, he can combine these with a company logo.
The sand that is used is authentic crushed and powdered rock from the beautiful Painted Desert of Northern Arizona

Hopi Kachina CarverThe Wild, Wild Southwest
A Hopi “Third Mesa” artist demonstrates the most recognizable of the Hopi arts.
Guests can watch this nimble artist transform a bare cottonwood root into beautiful images of sacred Hopi deities.

Dream Catcher Maker The Wild, Wild Southwest

Navajo Silversmith The Wild, Wild Southwest

Flute Carver The Wild, Wild Southwest